Our focus is on approaching architecture as an art form. Regarding design as an evolutionary process integral to every decision. We aim to maintain an open mind towards every task, to test new ideas, and to achieve beautiful and practical designs. 
We have had the amazing experience of working with international development firms on projects based on the Sunshine Coast and in China. This experience has given the entire firm great belief that we are doing quality work and providing a highly valued service through both our design and strong open communication.
John Robertson
Sole Director Oge Group Pty. Ltd.

Good architecture must challenge, test and respond to countless variables that need to be analysed and carefully considered. Great architecture must involve our clients dreams and visions as they are critical to architecture becoming a reality. It is their money, their commitment and it is always our honour and a privilege to be involved to work along equally passionate, caring and intelligent clients. We are all working together as a team to deliver tailored built forms and successful developments.

Cameron Sheedy
Senior Architect

I am a true all rounded Architect. I have extensive and broad ranging experience working in varying types of Architectural Firms, on varying project types (and Scales) and on various project phases. I am highly skilled in Concept Design on larger scale, complex projects.  I believe in the importance of Design at all levels in shaping the world.

Laura Hodgson
Architecture Graduate

I am continuously amazed by the potential architecture and design hold as a devise for crafting a healthier world to inhabit. I am passionate about architecture and all things design. I am interested in the relationship between built form, the landscape and the spaces in between. I love collaborating and working as part of a team (and OGE is the best team). I am a mother, a designer and a dreamer.

Bill Jackson
Senior Architect

Each project has to surpass the expectations of the client and the community. My goal is to deliver unique design solutions that are pragmatic – easy to build, cost effective and environmentally responsible.

Carla Figlioli
Office Administration/ Director PA
Carla Figlioli Photo

Recently I was lucky enough to move to the Sunshine Coast. I was fortunate to gain a position with OGE Group Architects as an Office Administration Assistant. My role here is to be organised, but most importantly, implement structure and maintain culture to keep a smooth flow of business. In addition, with an Interior Design qualification, I have a huge appreciation for design. In my role I am surrounded by design professionals making my day to day inspirational. 

Neil Nash
Neil Nash Photo

Starting in Sydney for a Dutch Architect, I have documented and designed a variety of projects including high-end residential, commercial and industrial projects. I am moved and inspired by great design and how it makes me feel. I also enjoy performing as a stand up comedian and performing comedy improv.

Josh Peake

I have worked on a variety of projects including high-end residential, multi-residential, educational, commercial and health. I have experienced the commercial realities of development in a variety of environments from Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast through to Mackay and I enjoy the variety each environment has to offer.

Nick Calligaris

I am an experienced technician with a passion for delivering projects to completion. I am highly proficient in Archicad use and developing systems to produce quality documentation.

Kevin Wang
Architecture Graduate

I have worked in Hong Kong for several years prior to joining the OGE group in late 2015. My international experience comprises of a wide range of urban design projects, including planning large scale hotel, office, and mixed use buildings. I specialise in developmental strategy, structural framing and massing. I am currently working on the OGE Groups international projects and managing local mixed use building projects with our international clients. I am passionate about contemporary architecture and always believe that good design need to be practical and functional.

Sutee Nou
Architecture Graduate
As a Graduate of Architecture, I strive to combine the logic of design with the practicality of documentation. I have experience with documenting residential aged care facilities, medium density mixed used buildings and residential projects. 
Constantly seeking out knowledge to improve myself. I have a passion for reading, photography and design in general, anything that will expand my horizons and help me produce unique and delightful design resolutions.
Iana Mitricheva

I am a technician with a passion for delivering high quality project documentation. I love architecture and enjoy modelling buildings and producing accurate drawings to the highest standards. Before joining OGE Group I have worked on a number of industrial, residential and commercial projects both in Australia and overseas.

Stephen Afiouni
Student of Architecture

I am a 4th year student of architecture with a background in landscape architecture. My approach towards design, is about the appreciation of building elements as an expressed form, revealing the simplicity and practicality of construction. Converting vision into reality, I enjoy blending modern design with my love of the great Aussi outdoors. I enjoy surfing, fishing and hands on building.